About Sisterland

A world ruled by women. Perfect in theory - but in practise it all goes horribly wrong.

The House Where It Happened

Inspired by a true but little known story.


How a powerful elite squandered Ireland's wealth.


Ship of Dreams

A small group of survivors meet on one of the Titianic's lifeboats saved from death by random chance.

The Hollow Heart

The true story of a woman's desire to give life and how it almost destroyed her own.


About Sisterland


September 2015

Welcome to Sisterland. A world ruled by women. A world designed to be perfect.

Here, women and men are kept separate. Women lead highly controlled and suffocating lives, while men are subordinate – used for labour and breeding.

Sisterland’s leaders have been watching Constance and recognise that she’s special. Selected to reproduce, she finds herself alone with a man for the first time. But the mate chosen for her isn’t what she expected – and she begins to see a darker side to Sisterland.

Constance’s misgivings about the regime mount. Is she the only one who questions this unequal society, or are there other doubters?

Set in the near future, About Sisterland is a searing, original novel which explores the devastating effects of extremism.


Martina reads from About Sisterland.

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