About Sisterland

A world ruled by women. Perfect in theory - but in practise it all goes horribly wrong.

The House Where It Happened

Inspired by a true but little known story.


How a powerful elite squandered Ireland's wealth.


Ship of Dreams

A small group of survivors meet on one of the Titianic's lifeboats saved from death by random chance.

The Hollow Heart

The true story of a woman's desire to give life and how it almost destroyed her own.












Short Stories
  'I delivered this speech at the Irish Book Awards on 26th November 2013, presenting the Writing.ie Short Story of the Year Award.
  Singing Dumb
  A Candle In The Window
  Alice Through The Bathroom Mirror
  The Unforgettable Journey


Irish Independent Columns - Every Thursday
  Martina's columns in the Irish Independent


Radio Stories - Sunday Miscellany
This is me live reading a tribute to Seamus Heaney live at the Mountains to Sea festival in Dun Laoghaire just after the poet's death in 2013. I start at 6mins 40secs.
  Seeing Red
  Rattle And Hum
  Love On The Rocks
  The Shortest Road Home
  The Christmas Café
  Why Did You Leave Me Behind?
  My Date With Reggie Kray
  The Report of My Death was an Exaggeration
  Amber Alert
  For We Ride Different Ways
  Ladies Who Linger in the Ladies






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