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The Unforgettable Journey

We met only once but that encounter never leaves me.
She was already on the train when I boarded – I took the seat opposite.
The train jolted forward and she dropped her book.
I picked it up, glancing at the title: ‘Le Voyage Inoubliable’ by CC Bell.
I reached into my pocket and showed her what I was reading: ‘The Unforgettable Journey’ by CC Bell.
She shook her head when I spoke in English. Instead of talking we gazed at one another.
Another passenger sat next to her. But we two inhabited a world of our own.
We pulled into a station and the guard chanted its name. She gasped, gave me a parting look and was gone.
Wait! She had left her weekend bag under the seat.
I wrenched open the window and called out, throwing it to her on the platform.
A whistle blew and we were separated. I knew nothing about her – and everything.
The passenger who had joined us earlier returned from the buffet car.
She frowned at the empty space. “Have you seen my bag?”

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